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The European store for 3000GT Parts and Services!

Welcome to Euro 3S Performance! We are a European online store dedicated to supporting the 3000GT and Stealth community. We share your passion for these beautiful cars and we love helping you maintain and modify yours with ease! In addition to offering genuine Mitsubishi parts, our goal is to provide you with the best quality aftermarket and performance parts available on the market! Our team is working constantly to develop and remanufacture obsolete parts that are no longer available. We want to make sure that these cars stay on the road for many years to come!

We offer a wide variety of OEM parts that are not listed here because we are not able to keep everything in stock at this time. However, if you need specific OEM parts, you can get a price quote by contacting us here. Have in mind that special orders take time to reach our warehouse before we can ship it to you, so please be patient.

Disscounted Products

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