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About Us

          We are a family-owned business based in Europe. Our goal is to provide the Mitsubishi 3000GT and Dodge Stealth community with the much-needed support for parts and performance upgrades in Europe. We own and love those cars so we know firsthand how hard and frustrating it can be to maintain and modify them. Many mechanics are unfamiliar with those cars and most automotive stores do not carry any inventory due to the low demand. You have to order from USA or Japan, wait, and deal with customs and there are many obsolete parts that are not available anywhere in the world. Manufacturing those parts is a big part of our mission. This is extremely necessary to keep those beautiful cars on the road for many years to come! 

         We can also help you with advice for parts, performance upgrades and problem diagnosis for your car.

         The parts we offer have been tested by us and many other 3000GT/Stealth owners in the community and have proven to be reliable and of good quality. 

       Everything began with a pure passion for this car. We had our first-hand encounter with one of those back in the 90s, when the majority of the cars around here were Lada, Moskvitch and Skoda. You can imagine seeing a 3000GT next to any of those... Yeah, we fell in love the moment we saw it! Then the notorious Gran Turismo for PS1 was released and can you guess which car was our favourite? Yes, you guessed right! It was the 3000GT. The dream of owning one grew even stronger!  

Fast forward to 2008 when we finally managed to get our hands on a 3000GT and it was better than expected. We loved everything about it.

Few years into owning it and we had to face the harsh reality. This is not your average car. The maintenance was very hard. There weren't any qualified mechanics around here that knew how to work on this car, and eventually, we had more and more problems caused by that. We also had to face the fact that parts were very hard or even impossible to find locally, which not only was making them more expensive but waiting for basic things like a water pump or a gasket and not being able to drive the car for months because of this, was so frustrating. 

Eventually, in 2013 we had enough of this and decided to start working on the car by ourselves. Year by year we gained more and more confidence in repairing and tuning our baby and this got to the point where many local owners started to bring their cars to us for repairs because they couldn't trust local mechanics for the job. Finally, in 2018, we decided to do a full restoration on one of our 3000GTs. This was quite an experience!

In 2019 we first thought about helping the community with the knowledge we've got through the years. This thought became stronger and stronger and eventually led us into making this online store in 2022. We are now focused on constantly improving ourselves and providing you with great quality service!

Our Story

Our Team

Registered Business Name and Address

"En Ai Partner LTD"

Owner: Nikolay Ivanov Ivanov

UIC: 206125482

VAT: BG206125482

Registered Address: Sofia, Bulgaria, Krastan Mladenov 6A str. ZIP: 1191

Correspondence Address: Sofia, Bulgaria, Mihovo Blato 20 str. ZIP: 1191

"En Ai Partner LTD" is the sole owner of "Euro 3S Performance" and all rights related to it.

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